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Organization Drom was established in 1997. It is one of the largest and oldest organizations in the Republic of Bulgaria for the protection of human rights and the promotion of equal rights for the Roma. The organization creates the so-called "Vidin Desegregation Model", which gives equal access to quality education for Roma. Between 2000 and 2015, the organization provided support to more than 3,000 Roma children in the Vidin region, as the program spread to the towns of Vidin, Belogradchik, Bregovo, Dimovo, Kula and the village of Archar.

Since 2016, the organization has been actively working on housing access programs for Roma, building its organizational capacity and working to empower Roma for anti-discrimination and integration. In mid-2019, it opened its own Helsinki store, which applies the Finnish model to support its business initiatives, such as information and communication technology courses and entrepreneurship for young talent.

The organization operates mainly in Vidin district, one of the 28 districts of Bulgaria, which covers about 3% of the territory with 1.6% of the country's population (121,000 people). About 20% of the population of Vidin district are Bulgarians of Roma ethnic origin, which is one of the highest ratios in Bulgaria according to the National Statistical Institute. The percentage of unemployed Roma in Vidin District is 95%, and most of them live in extremely poor conditions, without sewerage and electricity.

For its nearly 25 years of operation, Organization Drom has received a number of prestigious international and national awards and recognition from the European Commission, the World Bank, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Vidin Municipality and others. Publications about the organization have been made in the national and regional press, but also in the International Heralds Tribune, New York Times and others.