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Equal rights for the Roma

NGO "Organization Drom" will present the results of the project "Equal rights for Roma" on September 2, 2014 in the conference hall of the hotel "Rovno".

The project provided free legal consultations to over 150 Roma citizens and poor persons. We organized trainings on topics such as: human rights, citizens' rights, discrimination, constitution, hate speech, etc.  in  Archar village, Belogradchik, Bregovo, Dimovo, Dunavtsi and Vidin. A unique for the region "Mediation center" was established and operated successfully in the past year.


On the final regional meeting on 27.06.2014 for the "Quality Education for Roma children in Vidin" project, “Organization Drom” received congratulatory from Vidin’s Vice District Governor, Ms. Nikolina Vancheva for the successful work of the association.