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Where is Vidin in the context of unemployment?

According to official statistics, the unemployment rate in Vidin is set at 27 % (8 345 people from the active work force). This unfortunately is one of the leading towns in this statistics in Bulgaria. An even greater problem is the fact that around 60 % of the unemployed citizens are young people at the age of 29 (21 % among the unemployed population in Vidin are young people at about 24 years, while 38 % of all unempoloyed people are between 24-29 years).

The Thin Line between Education and Unemployment

The number of public servants in the sphere of education is 189 517, and those in the private sector are only 4 389. The educational system comes as the fifth largest employer after the private firms (1. 6 milion employees), the industry workers (597 thousand ), the public servants (435 thousand) and the business (282 thousand people).