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Unification Day in Bulgaria, September 6th

6 September 2020

Ms. Donka Panayotova, chair of NGO Organization Drom, brought flowers in Vidin to commemorate the Unification Day, which is a national holiday in Bulgaria. The day brings us back to 1885 when East Rumelia and Bulgaria were united. The Unification of Bulgaria was an act necessary for the integrity of the Bulgarian state. It remains one of Bulgaria’s key days which gives Bulgarians the motto “United we stay strong”. 


Meeting with stakeholders in Chepelare, Bulgaria

Chepelare, August 11-13, 2020


Trip to Veliko Tarnovo, Varna, and Stara Zagora (July 31-Aug 7)

August 10, 2020


Ms. Donka Panayotova, Chair of NGO Organization Drom, participated in meetings, held in Veliko Tarnovo, Varna and Stara Zagora between July 31st and August 7th.

She took part in a local seminar, organized on EU funding for social innovation projects in Veliko Tarnovo on August 31st, organized by the local authorities. She met there with key local actors in the NGO sector to discuss opportunities for partnership in the EU context.

NGO Organization Drom implemented successfully a project, in partnership with four other NGOs, funded by the European Commission (2018-2020).

30 April 2020


The overall objective of the Roma Empowerment for Anti-Discrimination and Integration (READI project), was to empower Roma beneficiaries to address systematic discrimination by using the positive precedents provided by the equality law and practice.