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Ms. Donka Panayotova launches the 8th Annual Report of the National Network for Children

Ms. Donka Panayotova, Chair of NGO Organization Drom and Ms. Aylin Barsanova, Regional Coordinator for North West Bulgaria of the National Network for Children

23 April 2019

Visit by EMMAUS and HDI in Vidin

25 March 2019

NGO Organization Drom welcomed staff of Emmaus Helsinki and Helsinki Deaconess Institute (HDI) in Vidin in early March 2019. The purpose of the visit was to prepare the ground for launching a second-hand shop activity in Vidin.

Мeetings in Brussels

10 DEC 2018

Мs. Donka Panayotova, chairperson of NGO Organization Drom, travelled to Brussels in early December 2018 to meet with representatives of the European Commission. The meetings she held shed light on the living conditions of Roma in Vidin in the context of the report of NGO Organization Drom on Conditions for Access to Housing in the Roma Ghetto of Vidin.