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Meetings in Europe to spread knowledge about our work in Vidin

Ms. Donka Panayotova

Chair, NGO Organization Drom

9 FEB 2018

NGO Organization Drom celebrated 20 years of its launch in December 2017 which brought to Vidin former Directors of our partners - Open Society Foundation (Budapest), European Roma Rights Center (Budapest), Bulgarian Helsinkii Committee (Sofia) and many others. Shortly afterwards, we received invitations from three organizations to attend events in Europe, which we accepted.

In My Eyes: The Human Rights Situation in Vidin from a Foreigner’s Perspective

Ms. Amanda Mayer

Advocacy and Fundraising

NGO Organization Drom

31 JAN 2018

As a visitor, there is only so much I can see. Having arrived in Vidin less than five months ago, I am still a firm outsider, and thus my observations on a topic so complex as the human rights situation in the small city of Vidin are and incomplete. I live nearby the relatively bustling city centre, and, admittedly, I do not see very many signs on a daily basis that would indicate the reality of a deep-seated problem with inequality and segregation.

Education for Legalization of Housing for Roma

Ms. Allison Bailey

Video Advocacy and Fundraising

NGO Organization Drom

27 JAN 2018

To Study on the other side of the wall

To study on the other side of the wall is an article of the portugese journalist Samuel Silva and Rui Baros of Publico Newspaper.

The article is speaking about the start of the desegregation process in Vidin, its goals and achievements.