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Newspaper “Knowledge

Newspaper “Knowledge” is published within the project "Quality Education for Roma children in Vidin" and is being made entirely by students, part of the club “Young Journalist” in the towns of Belogradchik, Bregovo, Kula and Archar.

With the financial support of Foundation Trust for social achievement.

Equal opportunities: access to secondary education

The program aims to provide transport cards, textbooks, materials for professional training and if necessary, provide money for hiring a hostel or lodge.

Criteria for selection of students:

  1. Youth, attending school, high school period VIII – XII grade;
  2. Student’s motivation essay;
  3. Coming from poor family;
  4. Necessity for the student to travel with suburban/intercity transport to school and back every day or to be accommodated in a hostel or lodge.

Candidates need to submit the following documents:

Newspaper “Knowledge”


Within the project "Quality Education for Roma children in Vidin" NGO Organization Drom is publishing regional school newspaper “Knowledge”, prepared by the students of club "Young journalist" in Archar, Bregovo, Belograchik and Kula school. 

Thanks to the financial support of  Foundation Trust for social achievement, Sofia.



On the final regional meeting on 27.06.2014 for the "Quality Education for Roma children in Vidin" project, “Organization Drom” received congratulatory from Vidin’s Vice District Governor, Ms. Nikolina Vancheva for the successful work of the association.