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Constitution of Republic of Bulgaria

Framework Program for Equal Integration of the Roma in the Bulgarian society and the desegregation of the Roma school

On 22 of April, 1999, the Bulgarian government accepted the Framework Program for Equal Integration of the Roma in the Bulgarian society in the fall of 1997 (as mentioned below Framework Program). The Framework Program was created with the help of Roma and non-Roma experts in the fall of 1997. In the winter of 1998, began a campaign on the part of NGOs in the country, which demanded that the government accepted and ratified the proposed framework. This campaigne was coordinated by the project “The Rights of the Person”, a non-government organization for defence of the Roma rights. The time period of the campaigne was year and a half, at the same time the bulgarian government was trying without succes to continue two versions of a program for integration of the Roma and to convinve the Roma organizations to accept it. The government was foreced to signe the program on 8 of April, 1999 with “editors amendments”. This amendments made from a mix commission in a way maked the program worse, but this didn’t damage her basic goals and types of measures, which has to be taken, for their implementation.
By Protocol №18 of the Ministers’ meeting of April 22, 1999. The Framework Program for Equal Integration of the Roma in the Bulgarian society was signed by Prime Minister, Ivan Kostov, and the Minister of National Administration, Mario Tagarinski. By this act, the program became govermental, which entails that all subsequent governments are obligated to follow and apply it accordingly.
The Framework Program defines a wide range of measures in eight different public areas, all aimed at achieving “realistic equality of the Roma in Bulgaria”.
The Framework Program stipulates the preparation of a “long-term strategy for the complete removal of the segregated schools in Roma neighborhoods, effective measures for the provision of equal access to the “normal” schools by the Roma, and working to avoid the segregation of Roma children in the already integrated classes. ”


Accepted and proclaimed with resolution 217 А (III) on a Common Meeting at UN on 10 December, 1948. Published in a collection of international documents, 1992.
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Strategy on the Educational Integration of Children and Pupils from Ethnic Minorities.
Approved by the Minister on Education on 11 June, 2007.