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Preparation of a new baseline study of the Roma Community in Vidin

 November 12, 2018 

Large population from the Roma Community in Vidin has left the country and settled in Scandinavian countries, Germany, Italy and Spain because of lack of opportunities for education and jobs. Vidin Municipality remains one of the poorest regions in Bulgaria, which offers very little chance for Roma, who are often discriminated based on ethnic grounds in all aspects of life. Changing the situation of Roma in Vidin and providing an opportunity for many Roma families to return back to their homes does require active actions for improving qualification and job creation.

In cooperation with the Helsinki Deaconess institute (HDI) from Finland, NGO Organization Drom launched a new baseline study of the Roma Community in Vidin in October 2018. The aim of the study is to provide analysis of the demographic and socio-economic situation in Vidin and the migration patterns. It will also discuss Roma integration policies by focusing on European, national and local levels. Two key topics that have been in the core of the grassroots work of NGO Organization Drom will fall within the remits of the study, namely access to quality education and access to housing. With the support of the Finish partner, we shall be able to draft conclusions and recommendations which will address Vidin authorities and stakeholders.  


The organization began preparatory work in early October аnd interviews with variety of stakeholders were taken later that month. Representatives of the organization met with the deputy mayor of the Vidin Municipality, District authority, school principals, teachers, Roma leaders, among other. The report should be available in public in January 2019.