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Organization Drom Hosts the Ambassadors of Finland and Sweden to Bulgaria on the Day of Europe

Organization Drom Hosts the Ambassadors of Finland and Sweden to Bulgaria on the Day of Europe


H.E. Päivi Blinnikka (Ambassador of Finland), Ms. Donka Panayotova, and H.E. Louise Bergholm (Ambassador of Sweden)


May 9th, 2019


By Tiana Brownen, Video Advocacy and Fundraising

Ms. Donka Panayotova and the team of Organization DROM met and hosted H.E. Päivi Blinnikka (Ambassador of Finland to Bulgaria) and H.E. Louise Bergholm (Ambassador of Sweden to Bulgaria) in Vidin on May 9th, 2019. The Ambassadors were interested in the work of the organization on Roma issues.

The Ambassadors from Finland and Sweden both represent two European countries that have been very supportive of the work NGO Organization Drom is doing for the Roma community. This meeting was a sign of the continued progress and support that other countries are providing for Organization Drom. The date of the meeting was also significant for all parties involved as it was the annual Day of Europe that celebrates the commitment that European countries make towards continued peace and unity.

At the meeting, Ms. Donka Panayotova and the team discussed with the Ambassadors the history of the organization and the success in the area of access to education and access to housing. Members of NGO Organization Drom’s team discussed their roles in the organization and the situation of the Roma from different perspectives to provide context for the Ambassadors. Ms. Panayotova discussed the partnership with HDI and Emmaus from Helsinki.

Ms. Panayotova introduced also a new pilot project they has the intention of working with the Finnish and Swedish governments on to develop opportunities for access to employment of the Roma in Vidin.

The Ambassadors were attentive during the discussions and expressed to the Organization Drom’s team their appreciation for the organization’s work and also their personal readiness to continue supporting the Roma community. The Ambassadors promised to pass the ideas brought by NGO Organization Drom forward and the meeting concluded with high spirits from all parties involved.