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Organization Drom Opens a New Thrift Store in Vidin on the Day of Europe

Organization Drom Opens a New Thrift Store in Vidin on the Day of Europe



Ms. Donka Panayotova and the Ambassadors of Finland and Sweden to Bulgaria


May 9th, 2019


By Tiana Brownen, Video Advocacy and Fundraising

NGO Organization Drom opened their first thrift store in Vidin on Thursday, May 9th, 2019 as part of a new approach to raise funds for their innovative pilot projects. Organization DROM’s expansion into retail is designed to raise more monetary support for their efforts to help the Roma community.

The thrift store is located on Panonia Boulevard in Vidin near the Kaufland supermarket. The store offers customers a great selection of gently used clothing and household items. The initiative has been supported by two Finish partners – Helsinki Deaconess Institute and Emmaus Helsinki. In recognition of their substantial financial support, Organization Drom named the thrift store “Helsinki”.

Ms. Donka Panayotova and H.E. Päivi Blinnikka, Ambassador of Finland, opened store “Helsinki” on the Day of Europe

Organization DROM conducted the ribbon-cutting ceremony for “Helsinki” store in the company of the Ambassador from Finland and also in the presence of the Ambassador of Sweden on May 9th, 2019. The opening ceremony began with children, involved in Organization DROM’s outreach programs, presenting flowers to the team and the Ambassadors.

The ceremony for the opening of the shop involved also a priest, who spoke and sang a blessing over the store. Friends and supporters of NGO Organization Drom were present at the opening of the store. Organization DROM is hopeful that “Helsinki” store will provide additional revenue for new innovative projects of the organization in the region.


Official launch of the new entrepreneurship initiative of NGO Organization Drom in Vidin