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Continued partnership with Emmaus Helsinki and Helsinki Deaconess Institute in 2020

14 March 2020


Ms. Donka Panayotova,

chair of NGO Organization Drom


NGO Organization Drom continued its partnership with Emmaus Helsinki and Helsinki Deaconess Institute from Finland in 2020. An agreement was signed last month for collaboration to maintain our second hand shop “Helsinki”, launched in May 2019 in the presence of Finish and Swedish Ambassadors to Bulgaria. The shop is situated in Vidin and operated under the umbrella of NGO Organization Drom. It has received a lot of attention by the Vidin community with its excellent service and quality of clothing coming from Finland, attracting hundreds of customers from the Vidin region. In addition to the economic activities, we have donated clothes to the Bulgarian Red Cross, as well as to social service homes for elderly in Kutovo and the foster house in Belogradchik and the social house in Vidin for homeless.  


Link to the shop is available here:


We have agreed with our Finish partners also to launch an Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) course for 10 trainees in Vidin. The city of Vidin, where NGO Organization Drom operates, is located in the poorest economic region in Europe. Two digit unemployment rate, lack of industry economic activities has made this region among the most challenging ones. The Roma who live in Vidin are the poorest in the social strata of the Bulgarian society and majority have no jobs and do not meet the ends.


While Bulgaria has been growing as an innovation start-up ecosystem in the past decade, mainly the capital of Bulgaria has been benefiting. Vidin has not been part of any national ICT initiative so far, while at the same time there is huge potential to embark on projects related to ICT and creational and recreational industries, as North West Bulgaria is a priority region for these sectors under the Bulgarian Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization.


As a result, we decided to bridge efforts with our Finish partners to train 10 young people for three months, and then place the trainees in innovation and entrepreneurship training for three months to help develop business ideas and then set up two innovative companies to generate business and funds on Bulgarian and foreign markets. We are hoping to set up two start-ups, led by the trainees, to develop innovative solutions.


Helsinki shop in Vidin, 2020   


 ICT course for 10 trainees in Vidin, 2020