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Meeting with the school principal and teachers at the school of the Roma Neighborhood and the Roma Community to discuss access to housing for Roma in Vidin

September 28, 2020


At the end of September 2020, Ms Donka Panayotova, chair of NGO Organization Drom, visited the Roma neighborhood in Vidin and conducted a meeting with the school principal and the teachers at the school, situated at the Roma neighborhood in Vidin. This is just a day after she met with representatives of the Roma community in order to increase awareness on the access to housing issues for Roma and provide more information on how to legalize housing property in line with the Municipal оrdinance, which came out thanks to Organization Drom. Ms. Panayotova was joined by Ms. Tanya Kaltzeva, lawyer at the organization, and her media expert, who work on the Access to Housing project, supported by Open Society Foundations in 2020/2021.