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NGO Organization Drom launches ICT and Entrepreneurship Courses with the support of Finish Partners

October 1st, 2020

Today, we launched Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Entrepreneurship 3-month courses in partnership with Emmaus Helsinki and HDI from Finland. We celebrated this start together with our local partners. Official address was presented by the local branch of the Bulgarian Association of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. The Chairman, Mr. Ivan Ivanov, expressed his willingness to support our efforts so that we have the best conditions for training. He also confirmed that he trusts that the ICT and Entrepreneurship courses, run by NGO Organization Drom, will make the necessary link between education and business at the regional level. Mr. Dimitar Todorov, Chairman of the Commission for Protection from Discrimination, welcomed the trainees and said that NGO Organization Drom has a very high reputation that has been developed in the past two decades and is now looking forward to training people to acquire better skills to find high quality jobs. Ms. Mariela Savkova, chair of the Lion’s club, which is an international women business network, and representative of the European Information Center was present at the event as well. Ms. Savkova supported NGO Organization Drom and said that the training is an innovative approach that has the potential to facilitate the growth of the local innovation ecosystem.

In the past two months, the team of NGO Organization Drom has been working hard to prepare the grounds for an entrepreneurship idea at the local level with the support of our Finish partners. We purchased necessary equipment, selected two lecturers from Vidin and carefully designed the ICT and Entrepreneurship courses to meet the expectations of our first cohort of young entrepreneurs from Vidin. In fact, we selected 8 young people (6 male and 2 female), who responded greatly to our interest and have high ambitions to start their own business. We hope that by the end of the year, these young people will be able to acquire enough knowledge and skills to help them develop start-ups in the field of ICT and cultural and creative industries. The Vidin economic planning region specializes in these two industries as per Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization of Bulgaria, developed in 2017. Under the umbrella of the project, we aim to bridge efforts with Finland, which is one of the top competitive countries in the world, as per Global Competitiveness Ranking. The country specializes in ICT and video gaming and it is one of the top performers in research and innovation.


October 1, 2020

Ms. Donka Panayotova, together with the two lecturers in Vidin