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Integration of Roma communities through economic initiatives

Project aims to reduce unemployment among Roma communities in predominantly rural areas of the country through the implementation of a model that combines raising skills for farming and entrepreneurship with financial support for Roma families.

Model has been successfully developed and implemented in the region of Plovdiv by the "Earth - source of income" Foundation.

The main objective of the project is to support the Roma families to create income and employment.

In 2012, Organization Drom successfully funded a Roma family from Bregovo, starting with the purchase of agricultural land and strawberries plantations.



With the financial support of the Trust for social achivement. 


The Trust for Social Achievement (TSA) is a nonprofit organization, whose mission is to break the poverty cycle by promoting opportunities that help Bulgaria’s most disadvantaged citizens achieve educational and economic success. TSA supports programs that, with integrity, scalability, and transparency, boost the long-term achievement of Bulgaria’s poorest, with a focus on the Roma.