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Professor Gaidarski thinks that the birth rate problem is ethnical

I am against the introduction of a law that bans early births, which Minister Gaidarski has proposed, ” said Donka Panayotova, Chair person of the Vidin-based “Organization Drom”. The “birth rate problem can be handled through special educational programs, which to increase the health knowledge of young Roma” is what Panayotova, the project leader of the desegregation process of education in the Danube town of Vidin has pointed out as the key to the solution.
In a protest declaration directed to the prime-minister, “Organization Drom” demands that Radoslav Gaidarski resigns, “because with this kind of statement he sends a contradictory message to our society, creates tolerance problems and builds hatred between the majority group and the ethnic minorities.

Despite the efforts of all of citizens for tolerance and recognition of minority groups in Bulgaria, the Minister makes an unsubstantiated statement without any analysis of the situation, reads the declaration.

For the past couple of years, the minimum age for young Roma mothers has increased, are affirming from the organization. Certainly exists a problem with underage mothers giving births early in their life, but it cannot be said that this is a massive practice and that it is ethnically-defined.

A press conference, on the occasion of the statement of the Ministry of the protection of health Prof. Gaidarski’s in relation with the early weddings and “childbirth gaving from children” took place on 12 of october, by foundation “Organization Romani Baht”. A similar kind of problem need not be ethnically defined because such problems are of global nature, was announced by the representatives of the organization. ” They think that “the statement made by Minister Gaidarski is more so an ill-judged statement than a well-grounded political proposal, and later a decision. ”