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Equal opportunities: access to secondary education

The program aims to provide transport cards, textbooks, materials for professional training and if necessary, provide money for hiring a hostel or lodge.

Criteria for selection of students:

  1. Youth, attending school, high school period VIII – XII grade;
  2. Student’s motivation essay;
  3. Coming from poor family;
  4. Necessity for the student to travel with suburban/intercity transport to school and back every day or to be accommodated in a hostel or lodge.

Candidates need to submit the following documents:

  1. Copy of student’s book (first page with the names and student’s information and the page with the annual grades and absences for the past year);
  2. Document from the school providing information that the student will attend the school for the next 2014-2015 school year. (in case of switching schools);
  3. Cover letter/essay from the student for his motivation to participate in the program;
  4. Documents certifying marital status and income of the parents;
  5. Recommendation by school teacher;
  6. Certification for the  income of the parents for the last three months;
  7. Certification from the Bureau of Labor or the social assistance departments where they are registered as unemployed;