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Equal opportunities: access to secondary education

The program aims to provide transport cards, textbooks, materials for professional training and if necessary, provide money for hiring a hostel or lodge.

Criteria for selection of students:

  1. Youth, attending school, high school period VIII – XII grade
  2. Student’s motivation
  3. Needy/ poor family
  4. Necessity for the student to travel with suburban/intercity transport to school and back every day or to be accommodated in a hostel or lodge.

Candidates need to provide in the association Organization Drom’s office the following documents:

  1. Copy of student’s book (first page with the names and student’s information and the page with the annual grades and absences for the past year)
  2. Document from the school providing information that the student will attend the school for the next 2014-2015 school year. (in case of switching schools)
  3. Cover letter/essay from the student for his motivation to participate in the program
  4. Documents certifying marital status and income:
  • Recommendation on the student(template) by a teacher
  1. Document from the job for the income for the past 3 months
  2. Document from the Bureau of Labor or The social assistance departments where they are registered as unemployed / poor; Declaration signed by the parents in the cases when they are unemployed but not registered in the Bureau of Labor (free text, which declares that the person is unemployed, has no income and is not registered in the Bureau of Labor)