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Where is Vidin in the context of unemployment?

According to official statistics, the unemployment rate in Vidin is set at 27 % (8 345 people from the active work force). This unfortunately is one of the leading towns in this statistics in Bulgaria. An even greater problem is the fact that around 60 % of the unemployed citizens are young people at the age of 29 (21 % among the unemployed population in Vidin are young people at about 24 years, while 38 % of all unempoloyed people are between 24-29 years). The low demand on work force is a result of a slow economy and is combined with the effect of a low qualification benchmark of the young people in Vidin.
In view of the low quality of education and low qualifications in the work force respectively, where would our hometown Vidin fall in this category?
I think that the majority of You already know the answer …
This tendency has to change very soon, because our admission in the European Union gives opportunities, but it requires higher qualification and discipline.

Vidin will finally look like a European town, when investments towards increasing the quality of education start flowing and the establishment of an official and legitimate post-secondary institution with permanent teacher personnel become reality.
Thus, the local, quickly-growing young business will also benefit from a pool of progressive and qualified people.

Donka Panayotova
Chair person of the Board of managers
“Organization Drom” – Vidin