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Project on Equal Access to Housing for Roma in Vidin (2016-present)

In fall 2016, NGO Organization Drom started a project on Access to Housing for Roma in Vidin, funded by Open Society Foundations’ Human Rights Initiative. The aim of the project is to create awareness among Roma in the city of Vidin and the public society for the human right to housing for Roma.

Project on Helsinki shop in Vidin (2019-present)

The project is financed by Helsinki Deaconess Institute and Emmaus Helsinki and managed by NGO Organization Drom from Vidin, Bulgaria. NGO Organization Drom followed the Emmaus model to establish a second-hand shop in Vidin. In late February 2019 and early March 2019, the international partners from Helsinki, Finland, visited Vidin to support the preparatory work for the shop. NGO Organization Drom rented a shop (around 130 m2) in an excellent location, right across large hypermarket in Vidin. The international partner donates clothes and other items.

Project READI (2018-2020)

The European Commission under Program “Rights, Equality and Civil Society” funded the project. NGO Organization Drom worked closely on this project with the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (project leader), NGO “Largo” from Kyustendil, Roma Academy for culture and education from Sliven and the Bulgarian Judge Association.  The goal of the project was to increase the capacity of Roma to deal with discrimination through effective anti-discriminatory mechanisms.

Project on capacity building project in partnership with Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (2018-2020)

The project built on the collaboration between the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) and NGO Organization Drom. In February 2017, before the initiation of the project, NGO Organization Drom and BHC signed a partnership agreement. Based on that, NGO Organization Drom became the only Regional Human Rights Hub for Northwest Bulgaria.