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30 October 2019

Trainings for our staff and volunteers in Sofia with the Bulgarian National Radio, Association of European Journalists and the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee


NGO Organization Drom began work on organization capacity project with the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (BHC) in 2018 with the financial support of Open Society Foundations – Berlin.

The activities are directed towards increasing the competence of our staff and volunteers in areas like fundraising, media and video advocacy, as well as paralegal trainings.

There were trainings, organized in Vidin earlier this year, whereas the next series of trainings are planned to take place in the capital of Bulgaria between 20 and 22 November 2019. Five young adults, volunteers at NGO Organization Drom, will be trained for work with the media. Three other representatives of our organization will be trained in fundraising activities. 

The trainees will learn effective practices and experience in communication campaigns from excellent journalists from the Bulgarian national radio and the Association of European Journalists. Experts from BHC will train our staff and volunteers on good practices in communication with donors, project proposal drafting, financial reporting, etc.

Our organization is very excited about the partnership and we look forward to good outcomes.