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20 November 2019

Desegregation in Bulgaria – short video on the outcomes of the Vidin Desegregation Project and appeal to policy-makers

NGO Organization Drom prepared a short video on the outcomes of the Desegregation project in Vidin. University graduate and high school graduate of Roma origin, who took part in the Vidin Desegregation project, talk about their experience with the program and their expectations and achievements so far. The video begins with a short introduction of how the desegregation process was initiated in Vidin by Ms. Mariika Vasileva, former chief of the Regional Education Inspectorate. At the end, Ms. Donka Panayotova, chair of NGO Organization Drom, talks about the outcomes of the project – 4,000 high school graduates and less than 1 % drop outs, as well as 200 University graduates of Roma origin, coming out of the Vidin Desegregation project in the whole Vidin District, which is far beyond the national data. Ms. Panayotova makes also an appeal to the policy makers that should replicate the Vidin model throughout Bulgaria.

Link to the video  -