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Annual report 2019


NGO Organization Drom would like to present to the attention of the general public its Аnnual report for 2019. The organization has implemented four projects during a very successful year of operation. In May 2019, we launched HELSINKI Shop in Vidin with the support of Emmaus Helsinki and Helsinki Deaconess Institute from Finland. We had hundreds of customers during the months of activity and enjoyed variety of promotional campaigns to donate clothes to those that are in need. During the year, we also partnered with the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee for a project that built our organizational capacity. Thanks to Foundation for promotion of Open Society, which funded this project, we managed to train a dozen of volunteers in areas like human rights protection, video advocacy and fundraising. NGO Organization Drom remains the only regional partner for the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee in Bulgaria. Our third activity was conducted in partnership with the Bulgarian Helsinki Committee (project coordinator), NGO Largo from Kyustendil, Roma Academy for Culture and Education from Sliven and the Bulgarian Judge Association. We implemented together activities for a project, funded by the European Commission’s “Rights, Equality and Citizenship” Program to increase the capacity of Roma to deal with discrimination through effective anti-discriminatory mechanisms. The project increased the capacity of local NGOs, lawyers, journalists, teachers and local experts to use mechanisms for equality and generated variety of outputs (guidelines, best practices, policy papers) that improved understanding of issues, related to discrimination in Bulgaria and how to effectively address them. Finally, our fourth activity is a continuation of previous engagements in the area of Access to Housing for Roma in the town of Vidin. It is continuously funded by Open Society Foundations and essentially the project works on improving local conditions for access to housing by reaching out to 500 Roma households to help them legalize their houses. The project team works on a regular basis with the Municipal authorities, media and other key stakeholders.