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NGO “Organization Drom” has been established in 1997 and it is one of the top organizations in Bulgaria for human rights advocacy and promotion of equal rights for Roma. It has established the so-called Vidin Model of Desegregation which gives equal access to education for Roma.  Since 2000, NGO Organization Drom has provided support to over 3,000 Roma children in the Vidin region, as the program spread in Vidin, Belogradchik, Bregovo, Dimovo, Kula, and the village of Archar.

NGO Organization Drom works primarily in the District of Vidin, which is one of the 28 Districts of Bulgaria, covering about 3 % of the territory with 1.6 % of the country population (121,000 people). About 20 % of the population of the Vidin District is Roma – one of the highest Roma/non-Roma ratios in Bulgaria as per data from the National Statistical Institute. The percent of non-working Roma in the Vidin District is 95 % and most of them live in poor conditions, without drainage, electricity and many other things that ordinary families have.